Wedding Consultations

I offer a free one-hour consultation/tasting where you can discuss all your wedding cake requirements and obtain a no-obligation quote. You can taste up to five flavours of cake – see separate drop-down menu. The timings are between 10am and 2pm on a Saturday. Just ring the shop to book on 0115 9727737.


January 2018 Saturday 13th
February 2018 Saturday 17th
March 2018 Saturday 17th
April 2018 Saturday 14th
May 2018 Saturday 12th
June 2018 Saturday 9th
July 2018 Saturday 7th
August 2018 Saturday 4th
September 2018 Saturday 15th
October 2018 Saturday 13th
November 2018 Saturday 10th
December 2018 Saturday 8th


Wedding consultations 2019


January 2019 Saturday 12th
February 2019 Saturday 9th
March 2019 Saturday 9th
April 2019 Saturday 6th
May 2019 Saturday 11th
June 2019 Saturday 8th
July 2019 Saturday 6th
August 2019 Saturday 3rd
August 2019 Saturday 24th
October 2019 Saturday 5th
November 2019 Saturday 2nd
December 2019 Saturday 7th